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Stainless Bar

Stainless Bar

  • PH Stainless Bar
    • PH = Precipitation Hardening
    • Excellent corrosion resistance
    • High strength
    • Easy heat treatment
  • NITRONIC® Stainless Bar
    • Austenitic, Nitrogen strengthened Nickel alloyed Stainless Steels
    • Excellent corrosion resistance also at low temperatures, high strength, good magnetic permeability
  • Super Duplex Stainless Bar
    • High strength, outstanding resistance
    • Combines the most important characteristics of both ferritic and austenitic steels
    • Excellent chloride stress corrosion cracking resistance


Stainless Bar PH Grades

  • 17-4 PH® Stainless Bar (1.4542, UNS S17400) // 17-4 PH® ESR (1.4548, UNS S17400)
    • High strength
    • High hardness
    • Excellent corrosion resistance
    • Easy heat treatment
      Application: Parts for Aerospace, Food, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Medical Instruments, Measuring Technology
  • PH 13-8 Mo® Stainless Bar (1.4534, UNS S13800)
    • Excellent toughness
    • Good transverse properties
    • Excellent forgeability
      Application: Fasteners for Aerospace, High-Performance Shafting, Petrochemical Applications requiring Stress Corrosion Resistance combined with High Strength
  • 15-5 PH® Stainless Bar (1.4545, UNS S15500)
    • Properties similar to 17-4 PH, but vacuum or ESR melted
    • Excellent transverse toughness
    • Good forgeability
      Application: Forgings, Pump and Valve Parts for High-Pressure Systems, Transducers, Aerospace Components

Stainless Bar NITRONIC®

  • NITRONIC® 40 Stainless Bar (1.3965, UNS S21900)
    • High yield strength
    • Excellent cryogenic properties
    • Good corrosion resistance
      Application: Aerospace Components, Clamps, Flanges, Hydraulic Tubing, Cryogenic Use
  • NITRONIC® 50 Stainless Bar (UNS S20910, XM-19)
    • Superior corrosion resistance
    • Almost double the yield strength than Type 304
    • Exceptionally low magnetic permeability
    • Outstanding cryogenic properties
    • Good seawater resistance
      Application: Pumps, Valves, Fittings, Fasteners, Chains, Screens and Wire Cloth, Marine Hardware, Springs, Heat Exchanger Parts
  • NITRONIC® 60 Stainless Bar (UNS S21800)
    • Best galling resistance of all stainless steels
    • Excellent corrosion resistance
    • High pitting resistance
      Application: Valve Stems, Seats and Trim, Fastening Systems, Screening, chain-drive Systems, Pins, Bushings and Roller Bearings, Pump Components (Wear Rings and Lobes)

Stainless Bar Super Duplex

  • Super Duplex Stainless Bar (1.4501, UNS S32760 - F55)
    • High strength
    • Outstanding resistance to pitting, crevice, and general corrosion
    • Excellent resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking
    • Lower coefficient of thermal expansion than austenitic stainless steels
    • Better thermal conductivity than austenitic stainless steels
      Application: Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, Seawater Equipment

Stock Program

Stainless Bar PH Grades

  • 17-4 PH® Stainless Bar (1.4542, UNS S17400)
    • Condition A
      Dia 5 - 405 mm
    • Condition H1150D
      Dia 18 - 350 mm
    • Condition H1025
      Dia 50 - 232 mm
    • Condition H1075
      Dia 10 - 70 mm
  • 15-5 PH® Stainless Bar (1.4545, UNS S15500)
    • Condition A
      Dia 12.7 - 152.40 mm

Stainless Bar Super Duplex Grades

  • Super Duplex Stainless Bar (1.4501, UNS S32760 - F55)
    • Annealed
      Dia 25 - 200 mm

Stainless Bar NITRONIC® Grades

  • NITRONIC® 50 Stainless Bar (UNS S20910, XM-19)
    • Annealed
      Dia 12.7 - 302 mm
    • High Strength (HS)
      Dia 15.87 - 101.6 mm
    • Super High Strength (SHS)
      Dia 60 - 125 mm
  • NITRONIC® 60 Stainless Bar (UNS S21800)
    • Annealed
      Dia 11.5 - 254 mm

Applicable to all grades:
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